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AI-based fraud management solution

Modular suite with robust, proven artificial intelligence bricks, designed for professionals in external and internal fraud management in financial services.

Maximize the number of captured frauds and avoid the customer inconvenience and investigation overload associated with false alarms.

A solution that has proven its effectiveness in a variety of contexts, including when faced with unprecedented fraudulent behavior.
Business expertise
Native consideration of the diversity of business practices and constraints throughout the entire management process.
Modularity that links up with your data and pre-existing models, and adapts to your IT constraints.
No “black box” effect, with an auditable, documented solution that delivers interpretable, controllable results.

Complete business process coverage to enhance your existing system


  • Fewer unnecessary alerts
  • Less customer inconvenience
  • More frauds detected


  • More relevant alerts sorting
  • Clarity of risk factors
  • Faster processes


  • Complementarity with your existing tools
  • Easy interfacing
  • Faster declarations


  • Customizable reporting
  • Model drift management
  • Behavior analysis

We combine various data sources to capture the most complex fraud scenarios, isolating the most unusual customer behaviors, atypical profiles and relationships, or abnormal crossed risk factors.

Specific features of credit/debit cards, cheques, insurance, corporate or private accounts, loans, trading instruments…

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Use of physical networks, mobile applications, internet, paper, distributors….

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Nature, frequency, and value of transfers, cash deposits or withdrawals, payments…

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Characteristics and behavior of external fraudsters, employees, customer-mules, networks, terrorism, money laundering…

AI technology at the cutting edge of research, auditable and proven over time in an operational context.

30% drop in insurance contracts compliance checks for a financial impact of +50% measured over 1 year

1,7M€ of additional losses avoided per year without increasing FTEs
Several cases of suspected internal fraud detected as soon as the model testing phase began, without any previous fraud history

90% of cheque fraud amounts avoided for less than 1% of alert remittances

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